Episode 002: A Lot of Pressure, and a Sharp Tug

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Instructables Podcast Welcome to our second episode! Would you like some advice on a project your working on? Perhaps you'd like a few ideas from a new source? You can comment here or email us at howdoi@instructables.com

In this episode we discuss some of the projects we're working on, take care of some more housekeeping, and do a bit of brainstorming!

Enjoy the episode and enjoy the resources!

You can listen to the episode below, download it here, listen over at archive.org or check it out at Instructables:



From our Builds: (0:47)
-Learning Electronics: littleBits, Snap Circuits and LogicBlocks.
-How to build a food dehydrator

3D Modeling: (22:42)
-Make article on free 3D modelling alternatives
-Jake's instructable on building his action figure
-Find 3D models: 123D, Thingiverse, Blender
-Create 3D models: 123D, SketchUp

Books and such: (32:00)
-Awesome Prop Building Forum
-Build your own Metal Working Shop from Scratch - David J. Gingery
-O'Reilly and Make
-There Are No Electrons: Electronics For Earthlings - Kenn Amdahl

Project Resources: (39:08)
-Chainsaw bike

Sharp Tugs: (43:55)
-Hammer on a revolver: From How Stuff Works, scroll down to "How Revolves Work" and click on the flash animation
-Bass drum pedal
-Rubber band gun
-Mini Crossbow (thank you again How Stuff Works)

Steam Power: (52:56)
-Steampunk Motorcycle
-Very basic guide to steam engines
-Tesla Turbine
-Tea Pot Steam Engine (click on "How Steam Engines Work" for pdf)
-Pop Pop Boat (also, I know what I'm getting Jake for his next birthday)

If you'd like us to discuss one of your questions, please email us at howdoi@instructables.com or comment at Instructables.



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