Episode 024: The LED Bop

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This week you just get a simple tutorial song: The LED Bop.

You can listen to or download the episode below or over at archive.org. Also, please subscribe to us on iTunes and if you have a minute, give us a rating!


After weeks of trying to navigate audio production applications I downloaded, I came to the conclusion that I’m not a very musicly inclined person. So I sent both Jake and myself singing the lyrics to my friend Aaron of Walz Music. Since he was busy with a whole bunch of other paying projects, he threw my voice track away (again: not musically inclined), quickly matched a midi file to to the tempo Jake sang at (turns out I chose the wrong track to sing along with), added proper midi instruments to the track, and echoed Jakes voice a bit because re-recording that audio wasn’t an option. Considering all of the constraints (and even without them), I think he did an amazing job.

You can check out The Blitzkrieg Bop here and see how we did.

Now to think up some other ways I can mess with tutorials.

Hey Ho, Let’s Throw x4
First you grab your batteries
Then you grab your LEDs
Magnet, Tape, Accessories
The LED Bop

The anode to the plus bit
The cathode on the alternate
Then tape it to your magnet
The LED Bop

Hey Ho, Let’s Throw
Toss them in the air now
Where they land, I don’t know
They’re all charged up and ready to throw

Repeat x3



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