Episode 022: So Long and Thanks for All the Fun

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In this final episode of How Do I?, we talk a bit of shop, and what our plans are for the future. Please be warned, this episode is unedited and uncut.

You can listen to or download the episode below or over at archive.org. Also, please subscribe to us on iTunes and if you have a minute, give us a rating!


Apologies for the delayed upload, I was out of town last week for family events, and wasn’t able to take care of this.

One thing you might notice at the beginning of the podcast is the friends theme. Since we both record our own audio on Audacity and put them together after the podcast, we need a way to sync the audio up. We each take a turn to sing the friends theme intro, and we both clap along. We then arrange the audio tracks so the delay is halfway between both sets of claps. If this doesn’t make sense or you have questions, email us and we’ll provide pictures and more details.

I decided to go back and see what questions we’ve received over the past several months that were from people I didn’t know and they are:
-Joe in Albuquerque’s Flashing Brake Light from episode 12
-Elijss’ Speaker Casing from episode 10
-Derek’s Motorized Longboard from episode 8
-Thabo’s Electronic Speed Trap from episode 8

Between the four of you, Kiteman, Goodheart and the few people I’ve met from instructables. I would like to thank you all for asking questions and being generally awesome.

To those few of you who listened, we really appreciate your support. Christopher in Sweden is someone Jake remembered as he needed help subscribing to the podcast (as we didn’t provide a link for it initially).

We’ve had a blast, and we’ve enjoyed every minute of this (even the bits that were a bit taxing). Thank you all, and we’ll see you again in whatever this podcast turns into next.

After I uploaded the files to archive.org, I realized my audio was missing for the last five minutes of the podcast. I wasn’t sure if this was accidental on Jake’s part, or if he just despises my voice. So I had to take down the initial mp3 and reupload it with my voice added back in for clarity. Hopefully there wasn’t too much confusion.



  1. elijss

    Please make more!!!

  2. elijss

    Thanks for making the podcast and I wish it could continue, it was my favorite.


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