Episode 019: Drilling for Speakers

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Listen as we figure out ways to use drill bits that are too small for a drill, and then move on to discuss how you might add speakers to a hollowed out MacBook casing. Tune in Monday for the next post in this series.

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Due to school and visiting friends, I haven’t been able to find resources yet. I will find and post them over the weekend as I find time.

Drilling Tiny Holes (01:58)
-Removing a screw with a rubber band
-Heat Shrink is always fantastic.
-Something like the first 30 seconds of this video is what I was talking about with wrapped wire.
-Just imagine all these rings wrapped around and soldered to your drill bit.
-Also, Vise Grips, a bench vise or needle nose pliers could help out

MacBook Speakers (07:36)
-The super flat speaker material I was talking about.
-While Tesla Coils aren’t exactly speakers, you can modulate sound thought the sparks, there’s a cool kickstarter that talks about it.
-There’s also plasma speakers.
-If you want to go more traditional, there’s electrostatic loudspeakers (and a couple of instructionals)
-Should you choose to use flat panel speakers, there’s portable ones that work well.
-Perhaps you need a chorus of shrill birds?



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