Episode 018: The Final Showdown (Supervillains Part 4)

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And now, the highly anticipated and fashionably (hopefully) late part 4 of our 4 part series! What do satellites, mirrors, and electromagnets have in common? They’re all lethal weapons in the wrong hands, and we’ll talk about how those hands do it in the final chapter of the Supervillain Saga!

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Railguns, Satellites, and Kinetic Weapons(1:09)
-Wikipedia has a page with a pretty decent “cool picture / math” ratio that explains how railguns work.
-Just in case anyone was wondering, the Queen’s official address is Buckingham Palace in London, but she uses the Windsor Castle as her personal residence on weekends.
- Jake mentioned the “Star Wars” Missile Defense Program, but what he ends up talking about is actually Project Thor.

Some extra links from Stump
Hand Held Flamethrower
Weather Control and a second
Giant Robotic suit/limbs
Despicable Me Weapons



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