Episode 016: How to Make a Death Ray (Supervillains Part 2)

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In part two of our supervillain episode, we look into how one might create a disintegration ray, death ray or trigger an earthquake. Overall I think we came up with a few promising ideas, and quite a bit more ideas that would be left on the drawing room floor.

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Disintegration and Death Rays

Dark Matter Gun (0:50)
-The definition of disintegrate
-When I mentioned that I thought they had dark matter at CERN, I was confusing it for antimatter. Hopefully you can understand my confusion as I was trying to remember an interview from 2009 (skip to 4:38 for more information)
-Some truths about dark matter
-To my knowledge, dark matter remains undetected
-The Make project for detecting cosmic rays, and a cool video about it

Laser Weapon (7:50)
-Petawatt laser
-Mr Fusion machine
-A super laser to pull apart the vacuum of space
-Doc Oc’s arms

Acid Gun (16:00)
-Thanks wonderhowto for being the only site online that shows people how to make acid weapons (please don’t make these)
-The closest thing I could find to acid guns are from video games

X-Ray Cannon (17:05)
-kkk works to create a mobile death ray (video for those outside of the US)

Sonic Weapons (22:20)
-Popsci write an article on the feasibility of exploding a head with a sonic weapon (spoilers: it’s not easy)
-There are current technologies like LRAD that produce painful sound (video)
There is also lithotripsy, which breaks up kidney stones with sound waves (while it takes hours to work, it demonstrates it is possible to explode things inside someone with sound waves)
-Tesla’s oscillator, in case you want to build your own earthquake machine

Triggering Earthquakes

Earthquakes (29:35)
-My man made Tsunami machine (created for an art class)
-There are many articles that go into how to create earthquakes



  1. Kiteman

    The underground experiment you were trying to remember was actually looking for neutrinos.

    If you stand under a large rocket during launch, the volume of sound will kill you before the flames do. Nothing to do with resonance, it’s sheer volume that ruptures all your organs at once.

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