Episode 015: Rise of the Supervillian

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Today starts a new update schedule for our podcast, and our four part talk on supervillians. The new schedule with be three days a week, but with much shorter episodes. We were asked a question about supervillian weapons and we went a bit far, so we had to split things up into four parts.

You can listen to or download the episode below or over at archive.org. Also, please subscribe to us on iTunes and if you have a minute, give us a rating!


-Well, let me strongly discourage anyone from doing a google image search on retinal detachment, and just provide you with two useful links I managed to find.
-Jake had a detached retina, not to be confused with eye proptosis (what happens mainly to short nosed dogs)
-This is how I thought the eye focused light (on the retina), and this is what Jake was explaining (note the vertebrate example, with the pupil).
-In eye’s you have rods and cones and there’re all roughly in the same area. Rods are used for light and cones are used for color.
-A quick introduction to color blindness, and while I can’t find a good picture describing how the red and green cones being so close in sensitivity might help cause color blindness, this article does explain it a bit.
-There just happens to a be a youtube channel I subscribe to that tackles the tough questions of “What do blind people see?“ looking over the spectrum of different forms of blindness we can understand that what they see is much more complicated then just void or blackness
-The possible culprit of Jake’s detached retina and where he should go instead next time

-Wow…I can’t believe I kept talking over Jake when he said metropolis…I feel so stupid right now.



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