Episode 013: The Daring Adventures of Elephant A. Land

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This week Jake decided to troll the underbellies of the interwebs and see what questions spoke to him. On his way there he was sidetracked by a series of superhero blogs, blacked out and woke up with questions written down in a text editor. This is the result of that experience.

We did come up with the idea at the end of the episode for a new type of question on the podcast that we’re keen to try our hands at. If you have components, and aren’t sure what to use them in, let us know, and we’ll figure out awesome things you can make with those components. Whether it’s a pile of old hard drives sitting in the closet, or a bag of buttons pinned to the wall, let us know all of the extra items you have on hand and we’ll do our best to give you some awesome projects to put them towards!

You can listen to or download the episode below or over at archive.org. Also, please subscribe to us on iTunes and if you have a minute, give us a rating!


R0 – Pre show chat
-A few examples of the wall mounted style computers Jake was talking about.

Q1 – The exhausting list of superhero resource
Part 1 – Finding or looking at other people and what they use
-To start out, you might want to check out comic superheroes who are without powers and see what they’re using (and there’s a ton of then)
-The superhero I was poorly trying to remember was The Revenant, but I’ve only heard of him through PS238 comics, where he assists a boy Tyler with no powers.
-There are also a few of services to help recognize, promote and connect with superheroes
-Wikipedia has a fairly exhaustive list of superheroes out there.
-You can find quite a few news articles and databases as well that will show you what other people are doing and some ideas you can adopt.
-Seriously, just check out google news for “real life superheroes

Part 2 – Legality
-Please be advised that we have no knowledge of what may be legal where you live.
-Citizen’s arrest by country
-Updated citizen’s arrest information for those of us in Canada
-Thank you wikihow for putting citizen’s arrests in the most dumbed down terms possible
-There are quite a few places that detail how to go about making a citizen’s arrest.
-A podcast giving legal advice to conducting citizen’s arrests (only 5 minutes long)
-Some of the legal troubles superheroes have had in the past
-The castle and stand your ground laws that Jake mentioned
-We spoke a bit about guns, you can find all the statistics here and try to make sense of them (In case you’re not a reader, here’s an infographic that pulls out very specific data)
-The cybercafe gun article that Jake referenced

Part 3 – Weapons
-Turns out, there’s a lot of comic book heroes that use guns (though I still stand that it’s incredibly inelegant
-Check out surplus stores dealing in security, military or combat items for a host of weapons and tools (Mmmmm…Asps)
-There’s a host of projects online that tell you how to make your own Ballistics Pen (I won’t be linking to them here)
-There are so many cool gadgets we forgot to mention (though we did think up the snap bracelet shocker which I’m quite proud of)
-All sorts of shock weapons
-Thomas A Swift’s Electric Rifle
-All sorts of cool taser style weapons I didn’t know about
-This list has pretty much all of the martial arts forms that Jake mentioned (oh, and Judo)
-After recommending martial arts, I feel it’s important to point out why I say to stay away from belts and that mentality (if you have time for a 99 page forum topic, this is hysterical, and very sad)
-We brought up liquid taser, and that sent me down a path of liquid stun guns and I still have nothing of substance show for it
-I can’t find the video of water sticking together in a stream, Jake?
-While this teaches you how mold your chest to create chocolate deliciousness, instead of pouring chocolate, pour whatever thick armor plastic you want to use.
-Flak jackets are the easiest sorts of armors you don’t have to build yourself.
-Russia ax vs bat or gun vs pipe

…I got tired of looking up reference notes at this point. If anyone is sad by this, let me know and I’ll continue posting references for this episode. I stopped looking up references at 49 minutes…I’ll still write down the items I would be looking up links for.

-Pepper spray, (bear) mace, home made pepper spray, spicy peppers (ghost pepper)
-Rubber bullets, rock salt bullets, bean bag bullets
-Wrist mounted water cannon
-Tranquilizer gun
-Portable C02 canisters
-Jakes drawing of whatever he was talking about at minute 56
-Nets and a net cannon
-Lasso, Bolas and Nunchaku

Part 4 – Costumes
-Disguises, Leather
-Incredibles video on capes and superheroes
-Steel Toed Shoes of many varieties
-Crime statistics by time of day
-Soap shoes
-Tactical Pens (even more)

…I’m sure there was more, but I can no longer concentrate. Apologies to anyone who’s made it this far in the post. I’ve had a ton of work to do this last week, and I’d like to get more then 3 hours of sleep tonight…G’nite!



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