Episode 011: The Sneaky Snoopy Special

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This podcast, should you choose to accept it, covers various tools and techniques related to covert affairs. Hiding files, encryption, surveillance, and night vision are all discussed in this super-spy special.

You can listen to or download the episode below or over at archive.org. Also, please subscribe to us on iTunes and if you have a minute, give us a rating!


Q1 – 1:03 – Securing Files
-Turning folders invisible
-7 Zip we talked about, TrueCrypt we didn’t.
-One Time Pad (Uncrackable Encryption)
-Ironkey Hardware Encrypted Flash Drive w/ Self Destruct
Damn Small Linux has several how to guides on getting everything up and running
-Also, if you don’t want to go through forums, there’s a 30 minute video of two people in a studio setting showing you how to set up secure Ubuntu on a USB drive.
-Hiding a RAR in a JPG
-Gutmann Method of Formatting
-Super Creepy Building in SF Where the FBI Monitors Our Internet
-Hard Drive
-Lifehacker has a good writeup on recovering data from a dead hard drive

Q2 – 18:40 – Cracking Files
-Password Cracking
-Sata to USB Cord
-Security Accounts Manager (SAM)
-SAMInside (Used to crack XP login passwords)
-Cain and Abel (Password Recovery)
-John the Ripper Password Cracker
-Brute-force Attack
-Dictionary Attack
-Script Kiddie
-BackTrack (Network Security Linux Distro)

Q3 – 31:15 – DIY Spy
-Spy Periscope
-Spy Sunglasses (I think I enjoy this video more then I should)
-Bluetooth Hacking and a cool video of it being done
-Parabolic Microphone
-Laser Microphone
-Burn Notice Laser Microphone
-FM Transmitter Bug
-There are multiple ways of Jamming different technologies
-Ladyada’s self-tuning RF jammer
-Toaster Crystal in a CB Radio (beware the auto-playing music)
-Night Vision
Instructables DIY Night Vision
-Perceptial Adaptation (Vision flipping) and George M. Stratton (The guy what done it)
-Pseudoscope (swaps your eyes)
-Social Engineering
Awesome Def Con Guy (Steal Everything, Kill Everyone, Cause Total Financial Ruin!)
-Lock Picking
-If you look around a bit, there are tons of Lock Picking Tutorials out there
-Shim for picking a masterlock
-Counter Surveillance

-Oh, and show us your best Jagger!



  1. Stump

    That’s awesome Kiteman! The perfect accessory for the Shotfun! I don’t know how I haven’t actually thought of that before. Well played!

  2. Kiteman

    What do folk do while they listen to the podcast?

    (See step 4… http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Party-Popper-Bandolier-the-Essential-Shotf/)

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