Episode 010: Amplifying Game Development

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Coding video games from scratch and pumping up the volume on your out of box speakers are the two questions we cover this week. We also share our thoughts on the new Xbox One console and our sadness at missing the most recent Maker Faire.

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R1 – (1:28) – Some additional info from our Projects of Questionable Legality segment from episode 008
-Here’s a short video of someone demonstrating magnetic ink in dollar bills using a neodymium magnet.
-We had a bit of trouble remembering who was on what bill; I decided to look it up.
-Jake mentioned red and blue security fibers, this place has info on that and a bit more!

R2 – (4:31) – Very few Maker Faire highlights from people who didn’t attend
-The Open Sprinkler Pi.
-Thank you Engadget for the awesome write-up on the Arduino Robot and the Arduino Yun.
-You can find further details about the Robot and Yun over at the Arduino site.

R3 – (7:22) – Xbox
-I have to say, I wasn’t that impressed with the Kinect until I saw this, though I still have quite a few doubts!
-A video showing someone using the Kinect with Garry’s mod.
-In case you want to start using the Kinect with your Garry’s mod game, this should help you out.
-The Oculus Goggles Jake was talking about, and a video of Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters testing out how it works.

Q1 – (12:20) – Need Louder Speakers
-Why impedance in speakers and amplifiers is important.
-Information on the output impedance of iPods (hint: they’re not all the same)
-One of the most in depth write ups on building custom speakers I’ve seen.
-There’s all sorts of circuits that use transistors to amplify audio, good luck. You might also find an off the shelf amplifier that might be pretty cheap.
-Everybody loves baffles.
-You should take a look at currently offered speaker kits and see what components they have.
-MDF or MEDEX board.

Q2 – (25:02) – Getting into the Programming side of Game Development
-C and C++ let you get a lot more control over every element of your game, but they’re also much more difficult as a first language.
-Python and Pygame both came very highly recommended.
-Javascript also came recommended.
-Always remember: Java is not Javascript!
-Several blogs dedicated to letting you know how to get into game programming.
-There’s also a whole bunch of game engines out there, Wikipedia has a fairly exhaustive list as well.



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