Episode 009: Krafty Basterds

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Matt and Jake take a break from high technology (yeah right) for a day and discuss projects from the craft world. Talking points include magic coin-eating boxes, Japanese puzzle boxes, Axe bodyspray goggles, Wiley Coyote hats, DIY lightboxes, squishy-cloudy-goopy toys, desktop CNC routers, and where to find scrap unsoldered circuit boards. It’s craft-tastic!

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Q1 – (2:03) – A (magic?) sliding lid paper box.
- A Pinterest page dedicated to paper boxes.
- Matt found a whole library of very useful woodworking videos. Several videos detail the making of wooden boxes and provide helpful PDFs, especially this one.
- This sliding coin box is the type of magic trick Jake thought we were talking about. He found a link explaining the mechanism inside the box. WARNING: MAGIC TRICK REVEALED, WATCHING MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO YOUR WHIMSY GLAND.
- Here’s a homemade wooden coin slide from somebody at Lock Haven University. Nice craftsmanship.
- Some cool matchbox craft projects that don’t really have anything to do with this question but Jake thought were cool.

Q2 – (10:24) – What do you think about puzzle boxes?
- Here are a couple of Wikipedia articles about puzzle boxes.
- This page has a little bit more information than the Wikipedia article.
- A YouTube video of a homemade puzzlebox. This box features many of the mechanisms we discussed, including hidden drawers, shifting panels, long stick-keys, and false keyholes. It’s is seriously cool and beautifully made. I’m getting jelly all over the place.
- Jake mentioned an episode of Pawn Stars that featured a treasure chest with a hidden keyhole. That was from Season 2, Episode 3 “Old Man’s Booty.” We aren’t going to tell you where you can watch this video online, but we will tell you that the scene with the reveal starts around 16:26.
- Here are two Instructables links and one MakeZine link featuring puzzleboxes.
- We briefly discussed the difference between a maze and a labyrinth. According to Wikipedia in colloquial English the words “maze” and “labyrinth” are interchangeable, but if you’re one of those pretentious scholarly fellows a labyrinth is distinguished by the fact that it “has only a single, non-branching path, which leads to the center” and “is not designed to be difficult to navigate.” Pedants.
- A glass safety mechanism in a safe that prevents drilling is a type of relocking device.

Q3 – (22:12) – Making Eggman goggles from Axe Body Spray caps.
- Axe Body Spray is a type of deodorant marketed to young adult males who suffer from an underdeveloped sense of smell. That’s a little mean, it’s actually not that bad. Young men just have a tendency to wear too much or use it as a replacement for bathing. The cans are a nice size and shape, lending themselves well to DIY projects.
- Jake found an article that describes how to make goggles on the cheap.
- This to That is usually a wonderful resource on attaching various materials to other various materials using glue. Unfortunately elastic is not an option, so I don’t know why I’m sharing this.

Q4 – (27:50) – Crochet wolf hat pattern for teens
- This is what Matt was talking about.
- This is what Jake thought Matt was talking about.

Q5 – (30:10) – Homemade A3-sized LED lightbox
- Wikipedia does a fantastic job of describing just what exactly a lightbox is. I’ll let them do it.
- TAP Plastics sells frosted acrylic sheets (marked as Sign Lighting White 40/60%) which can be used to diffuse LED light.
- You know what Christmas lights look like, I’m not going to post a link to one, you demanding jerks.
- These are cheapo LED flashlights you can find at any Home Depot and some supermarkets. They have 9 LEDs, a push button switch, and cost less than a gallon of milk. Which is how I judge the price of many things. I love milk.
- I just Googled “gallon of milk price” and was alarmed to find that milk prices are expected to go up this year because of the milk cliff. I don’t think you can stockpile milk but if there’s a way I will find it.
- Further Googling revealed that those fear-mongers in Congress will not be raising the price of my precious, precious dairy. Now I have to drink all this milk I panic-bought.

Q6 – (35:32) – “Squishy Plastic Lava Thing”
- Jake briefly mentioned color-changing squishy toys. Around Halloween time you start seeing blood and booger varieties.
- That cool “cloudy swirly effect” you get in toys like this come from a type of pearlised liquid called rheoscopic fluid, which means “current-showing” fluid. I was happy to find out the real name because it’s pretty cool stuff. There’s very little information online about how to make it yourself, but it sounds like diluted oil lubricants and greases may be one way of doing it. I know I will be experimenting this weekend with all sorts of things.
- You always used to see these drippy “hourglass” toys at the dentist when you were a kid. Well, I did at least.
- Jake was trying to describe a water snake toy in the most overly complicated way possible. Don’t search for “DIY water snake toy” because you’ll only get homemade sex toys.

Q7 – (43:12) – Desktop CNC milling machine
- Here is the Instructable article with the CNC mill design in question. Jake did not design this machine or write the article, but he did build his own version from this design.
- The L298N chip from Sparkfun is what Jake used in his driver. It’s actually just an H-bridge chip, and will require a couple schottky diodes. If you’re going to build your own he highly recommends that you shell out the extra cash for their EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver, as it will save you a lot of headaches trying to get the stupid STUPID driver working.

Q7 – (48:15) – Source for cheap scrap circuit boards
- Instructables has many good articles on making printed circuit boards via the toner transfer method.



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