Episode 006: Meditating In 3D

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A question from our good friend SHIFT! sent us on a whirlwind adventure through the philosophy of 3D printing. When we finished with his question, we figured we’d just keep the 3D question coming with some forum entries I found over at Shapeways.

We tried a completely new way of recording ourselves this week, and we managed to get it working on the third try, so yay us! There’s a few bugs with this new technique we’re going to have to work out, but hopefully it didn’t affect the quality too much this week.

You can listen to or download the episode below, or over at archive.org. Also, please subscribe to us on iTunes and if you have a minute, give us a rating!


0 – Double-Barrel Shotfun (0:20)
-I got to see the project Kiteman alluded to in an earlier questions on episode two, and everything about this project makes me happy.
-Jake also mentioned you could fashion your own Party Popper Perimeter Alarm System or possibly a Party Popper Tripwire Alarm.

1 – 3D Printed Gun via SHIFT! (3:32)
-The Make Community provided me with an abundance of resources on 3D printed guns.
-Fully 3D printed gun to be printed in a couple of weeks…we’ll see.
-Since I couldn’t remember what the higher and lower portions of the gun were, I’ll tell you now that they’re called the upper and lower receiver(s).
-Bullets can travel at many speeds, my 1000m/s was pretty spot on.
-The Gyrojet, plus a video courtesy of the History Channel (shhh, I don’t think they know it’s there).

2 – Figurine Accessories (21:45)
-Shapeways downloadable parts database.
-Searching through tags of exactly what you want is always a way to go. Here’s some Hats. Change “hat” in the address bar to any other accessories that you might be looking for. Just about every site has this method of search.
-Our previous podcast, where you can find additional resources for finding models.

3 – Mold Making (24:55)
-Nothing really needed to be written down for this one.

4 – Scanning (29:15)
-Wikipedia’s page on 3D Scanners is quite inclusive and should give you a rough outline.
-There are quite a few instructables that show off details of the build process.
-A store that let’s you know exactly what materials you’ll need to build a scanner.
-Not sure what color you need to buy for laser scanning? This should get you started.
-Some other ways of making 3D models that don’t employ traditional scanning methods.
-I got to learn a new word today: Tessellation. Though I still don’t know if it was appropriate in context.

5 – Vacuum Forming (35:42)
-Extrude your own plastic filament from recycled materials.

Other thoughts
-I wasn’t really sure where to add these but instructables has a great post on prototyping on the cheap, and TED has 7 talks they’ve compiled together on the wonders of 3D printing.



  1. Kiteman

    Refarding episode 3, have you seen this recent project?



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