Episode 005: A Make Forum Special

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This week we’ve decided to change things up a bit. We’ve left our comfortable home in the Instructables forums to venture into the forums at Makezine. We found some excellent questions that range from strapping a bike light to your helmet to creating your own VOIP phone booth.

The keener amongst you might notice there are a few questions missing from our list, questions 4 and 8 were less then stellar (on our parts) so they were removed from the final cut.

You can listen to or download the episode below, or over at archive.org. Please subscribe on iTunes and rate us!


-We’ve added a new element to the resources. Since we understand that certain people might only be interested in their specific topic (we have no idea why), we’ve decided to make it easier to find. Next to each of the questions you can find a time stamp in parenthesis. This should help you locate your question amongst all of the other discussion.

First, some warm up questions (1:50)

Kits for younger children
-Snap Circuits
-A couple of places where you can find links to some other really great educational kits.

Where to find quarter inch bamboo?

Now onto the questions!

2 – Timed Relay Switch (5:40)
-We attempted to explain the basic functionality of pull down resistors, but it’s a bit more detailed then what we got into.

1LED Light Box (15:40)
-A quick overview of multiplexing and both basic and advanced versions of charlieplexing.
-Light strips with individually addressable LEDs.
-Peggy boards along with a bunch of other really cool kits by Evil Mad Scientist.
-A simple 2 Pin Female header. Just ensure the header you purchase can fit your LEDs.

9 – Lots of Batteries (21:03)
-Turns out cars run on laptop “style“ batteries, but I still think it’s feasible!

7 – Shock Strap Game Controller(26:19)
-The first bark collar I happened across. I was unable to find any for cats, but searching for small dogs will provide similar results.

5VOIP Phone (32:24)
-A programmable coin acceptor from Sparkfun, can differentiate between any three coins you choose.
-Of all the low end coin sorters I browsed through, this one is by far my favorite.
-Small, unobtrusive lever style switch.
-Magnetic Stripe Reader. You’re on your own for programming it to read credit cards.
-An excellent write up on how to turn an old rotary phone into a VOIP handset.
-Or there’s always the Skype phones Jake mentioned if you’re going for something less involved.

3 – Lighting up Solar Panels (38:23)
-Frankly, brighter lights and flashlights are all we had for this.

6 – Bike Helmet Light (40:28)



  1. Kiteman

    About the bike helmet lamp fitting, I used Sugru to mount a short quarter-inch bolt into the grip of a walking pole to make a monopod. It holds the weight of a decent digital camera, do it should be fine for a lamp.




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