Episode 004: A Bit of Chemistry and More Cleanup

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This week we received a really interesting question from Goodhart about where to find hard to find lab equipment. From there we decided to finish up some of the remaining forum topics left over from last week.

You can listen to or download the episode below, over at archive.org or check it out at Instructables:



Lab Equipment (0:42)
-American Science & Surplus
-DIY Vacuum Chamber
-The Cheap Little Sucker (another vacuum chamber)
-Making A Vacuum Chamber
-Glass blowing for Laboratory Technicians (book reviews)
-For creating pieces, Lampworking Borosilicate seems to be the way to go.
-Elemental Scientific
-Home Science Tools
-Sources for Laboratory Supplies
-Chemistry Laboratory Kit
-Sigma Aldrich
-MakerShed Home Chemistry Set (discountinued)

01 - Hidden Blade (9:55)
-Hidden Blade Ring Pull Mechanism
-Pantographic Knife (Paratrooper Knife)
-Closeup of Switchblade operation mechanism
-Two pages of hidden blade projects from Instructables

06 - Crafts for Mom (15:19)
-Magnetic Knife Holder

07 - Snook Light (18:42)
-Underwater Fish Light
-Not Xenon, but XentechId (which uses Halogen bulbs)
-Home Build Underwater Fish Light
-A Comparison of Headlights (Halogen, Xenon & LED)
-It took a while, but I finally found a side by side photo of Halogen and LED headlights, and they look pretty comparable.
-Tap Plastics
-Using Taps and Dies
-Some Instructables for creating Underwater camera housings which can easily be adapted to a light.
-Another underwater camera housing idea

09 - Snowboard Trainer (27:00)
-Surfing Simulator
-Omnidirectional Treadmill
-Swivel Casters
-How a ball mouse works (hint: rollers)

02 - Remote Temperature Logging (34:52)
Websites that will log your data
-Google Chart Tools
Simple programming applications that you can use to automate getting your data online:
Tiny Computers (also called Single Board Computers)
-Raspberry Pi (a little bit on power tolerances)
Microcontrollers (yes, there are others, but you don't need them for this situation)



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