I Cleaned My House

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Another couple of years have passed since Jake’s last move, and a couple of months ago, his lease ran up and it was time to get out of dodge. With a shelf full of cleaning materials prepped and an empty car ready to go, he set out on a noble endeavour. To get back his full security deposit.

Now, getting a full security deposit back in San Francisco is difficult enough, but Jake has A LOT of stuff. He’s a bit of a hoarder. I mean, we did devote two whole comics to his condition. With that said, after two weeks of moving stuff out to a new place and cleaning (when not working), he was running far behind schedule. On the morning he had to return his key, after 24 non-stop hours of moving and cleaning, he still had a significant amount of work to do. He called his landlord, asked to push the time back to the evening, and proceeded for another 10 straight hours. He went to return his key, knowing he still wasn’t done, and when speaking with his landlord, learned they weren’t going to come inspect until the next morning.

Copied key in pocket, he raced back to his old place, proceeded for another 12 hours, (pushing the landlords deadline to the limit). And right before he left, he decided, getting caught be damned, 48 hours of straight work and no sleep, he needed to remember the experience. He’d been singing in the car and the house to keep himself awake. A lot of Disney tunes fell into the mix. In the end, through all the work, he’d written himself a nice short parody.

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Can you tell how proud his is of his cleaning job?



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