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Before there was a podcast, there was a comic strip. In our final semester as undergrads, Jake and I worked on a sculpture with the engineering department at UC Berkeley, curated and hosted an interactive art show at San Francisco State University, worked on our additional final art projects to be displayed in a currated end of year gallery show, worked/volunteered part time, and decided we wanted to throw one more thing on our shoulders. A friend of ours was doing a comic strip for his senior work, and Jake and I felt like we could do that as well. Not that we wanted to take away from what he was doing, but we just hadn’t seen a comic strip about makers. Sure, there is How Toons, but the updates were few and far between, and xkcd, but that’s more science then making, though making does sometimes creep in.

So with our hearts set on a comic by makers, about makers, we did what any logical person does…we wrote about ourselves. We had a ton of fun doing it, but when the school year ended, and we started working full time, we stopped crossing paths as much and it made it difficult to continue. We scrapped the comics and sat on our hands while we thought of other stuff to do. Years ago I decided to make a pdf of our comics so I could upload them here, but when I backed up our website, I forgot to back up the sql database files. To anyone who uses a CMS to run their homepage…make sure your back up your databases!

It’s been far too long, and I don’t remember exactly what was going on at the time of writing these, but I did my best to provide some commentary on each comic to better put you in the mind set of where I think we were at. I hope you enjoy! Oh, would you like a sample?

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