Question 5: Is there any other advice you have for makers just getting into things, or for contemporaries in your field?

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Short Version:

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I asked all of these questions to people during set up hours, the day prior (and hours before) Maker Faire Vancouver opened. Having helped set up quite a few Maker Faires in San Mateo and Austin Texas, I know how stressful of a time it can be for the quardinating staff, and the exhibitors setting up. One of my main goals with my questions was to keep them short, mostly consise and to the point. I could go in, ask five rapid fire questions and they could spend as long or short a time as they wanted answering. Some peoples interview was well under two minutes, including my sales pitch and having a quick introductary chat about who we both were and what they did as a maker. Other people liked to talk, and some sessions went well over ten minutes.

Whether they had a lot to say on a topic, or were very brief, all of the answers I received were incredibly helpful. Having such a limited time though, I knew that I’d forget to ask a lot of very important questions. So to that end, as any good researcher might tell you, I added a catch all question at the end of the interview, and before I asked it, prefaced it by telling them it was the last question. This way, they knew kind of what sort of information I was looking for, and could infer other advice that may not have been relevant in previous questions.

Check out the Instructables forum post for this video as well!

Extended Cut:

Watch on Youtube

Everyone who talked to me was absolutely amazing, and I therefore want to show them some love. If you get a second, or liked any of the makers, please follow the links below and check out their websites.

Sharon Burrows
Andrew Milne
Andrea Hooge & Jackie Klobucar
John Biehler
Sarah Watson & Justine Tan
Karl Brown
Vlad Lavrovsky
Dan Royer
Sophia & Gwyn
Shawn Mavronicolas
Marie Kerns
Dan DeGagne
Matthew Ebisu & Mike Warren
Sandy Buck
Elsie Sands & Amy Dame
Vincent Van Haaff
Heike Kapp
Colin Johnson
Professor Whovianart
Dave DeGobbi
Sukhdip Basra
Beata Kacy
Jim Anderson
Barbara & Site 2
Melissa Tan
Dethe Elza
Rick Havlak
Daniel Hall
Philip Be’er
Oliver Harwood
Larissa Blokhuis
Zee Kesler & Site 2
Bob Buxton
Bill Henning
Michelle La Haye
Geoffrey Vincent
Ron Simmer
Arne Olafson
Tomoe Yoshihara



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