Question 4: How do you explain yourself, as a maker, to people outside of your community?

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Short Version:

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This question was asked as multiple variations on a question that continues to stump me. “What’s a maker?” “What exactly do you do?” “So how would you sum up what you do, so I can tell my friend?” Since I don’t really tend to work at ‘normal’ jobs, and most of what I do tends to involve having fun, people get confused at how I can make a living doing it.

Jake and I tried to cover this question ourselves in a previous podcast, but as a question, I think it’s one that stumps makers the world over, and it really shouldn’t. Personally, “I make things” and if that can’t process in your mind as a job, then you need to widen your concept of what a job can be.

Make sure you check out this forum topic over on Instructables to see what other people answered!

Extended Cut:

Watch on Youtube

Everyone who talked to me was absolutely amazing, and I therefore want to show them some love. If you get a second, or liked any of the makers, please follow the links below and check out their websites.

Sharon Burrows
Andrew Milne
Andrea Hooge & Jackie Klobucar
John Biehler
Sarah Watson & Justine Tan
Karl Brown
Vlad Lavrovsky
Dan Royer
Sophia & Gwyn
Shawn Mavronicolas
Marie Kerns
Dan DeGagne
Matthew Ebisu & Mike Warren
Sandy Buck
Elsie Sands & Amy Dame
Vincent Van Haaff
Heike Kapp
Colin Johnson
Professor Whovianart
Dave DeGobbi
Sukhdip Basra
Beata Kacy
Jim Anderson
Barbara & Site 2
Melissa Tan
Dethe Elza
Rick Havlak
Daniel Hall
Philip Be’er
Oliver Harwood
Larissa Blokhuis
Zee Kesler & Site 2
Bob Buxton
Bill Henning
Michelle La Haye
Geoffrey Vincent
Ron Simmer
Arne Olafson
Tomoe Yoshihara



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