Question 1: What is one thing you know now that you wish you'd known when you started?

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I’ve long held the view that we’re all Makers, some of us just choose different labels. With that basic idea, I decided to interview the exhibitors at the most recent Mini Maker Faire in Vancouver.

I spoke with makers, crafters, quilters, coders, hackers, animators, glass blowers, stone workers, growers, and an assortment of other self-described individuals. I asked each of them five very general, very open ended questions with the hope that they would all have useful advice for anyone inside or outside of their discipline.

Once I had all of the rough footage, I cut each question into a different video, and added the entire response of each of the fourty-four makers (sadly I forgot to ask a couple questions to a couple makers, so one or two of the videos only has 43). This created five videos that ran between 16 and 22 minutes. While I thought some people might stick around for the duration of that, it needed to be much shorter.

I felt like I could get down to the core of what I thought each person was saying, so I gave myself the challenge of not letting any one person have more then ten seconds of air time. For the most part I succeeded, but there were a few individuals who had something meaningful to say and took a little longer to get it out. The final version of the videos were down to right around four minutes each.

The unfortunate thing about cutting someone down to a sound bite though is that you lose some of the meaning and just about all of the context of what they were talking about in addition to losing any ancillary points. For this reason, I’m uploading two versions of every video. The short version that will give everyone the gist of each makers point, and the long version, in case there is anyone you see who you absolutely need to see more of (though some makers were very brief with their responses, so there might not be extra footage).

I will be uploading a new video every day in the order that I asked them. Todays question:
“What is one thing you know now that you wish you’d known when you started?”

Extended Cut:

Watch on Youtube

Everyone who talked to me was absolutely amazing, and I therefore want to show them some love. If you get a second, or liked any of the makers, please follow the links below and check out their websites.

Sharon Burrows
Andrew Milne
Andrea Hooge & Jackie Klobucar
John Biehler
Sarah Watson & Justine Tan
Karl Brown
Vlad Lavrovsky
Dan Royer
Sophia & Gwyn
Shawn Mavronicolas
Marie Kerns
Dan DeGagne
Matthew Ebisu & Mike Warren
Sandy Buck
Elsie Sands & Amy Dame
Vincent Van Haaff
Heike Kapp
Colin Johnson
Professor Whovianart
Dave DeGobbi
Sukhdip Basra
Beata Kacy
Jim Anderson
Barbara & Site 2
Melissa Tan
Dethe Elza
Rick Havlak
Daniel Hall
Philip Be’er
Oliver Harwood
Larissa Blokhuis
Zee Kesler & Site 2
Bob Buxton
Bill Henning
Michelle La Haye
Geoffrey Vincent
Ron Simmer
Arne Olafson
Tomoe Yoshihara



  1. Lena

    Amazing, amazing work on this! It’s so inspiring to see what everyone’s answers were. If there’s one thing I took away from this, it’s, “Don’t hesitate to start learning something new if you’re interested.” The time is NOW! Thanks so much.

  2. Marie Kerns

    Looks awesome. Thank you so much for stopping by to chat with me.


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